Spill Containment Platform Solutions — And Easy Way to Protect Your Facility

How can you protect your facility when you’re handling dangerous chemicals all day long? Just use a spill containment platform or several — they make your job easy. Here’s how to find the perfect one for your situation.

To prevent spills from causing problems, you need to contain them. And luckily, there’s a whole product line available to help you with that.

A Spill Containment Platform Is An Economical Solution.

In fact, “contain” is the key. And for most containers with spill prone chemicals, especially drums, a spill containment platform will be the handy solution. Not only do they prevent spills from getting out into the open facility, but they make it easy to mop them up too. Just place your drums on top of them or inside them, and if they should leak or spill, all that oil or whatever liquid will be contained.
spill containment platform



One of the cool features of those units is that they generally have a removable grid, which makes clean-up extra easy. And what about capacity? You’ll be pleasantly surprised.

They may not look like much, but most of these platforms can hold from 5 gallons to 400 gallons of liquid. That should take care of just about any spill that could possibly happen.

A Spill Containment Platform Can Solve EPA Problems

And of course, if you get them from a reputable dealer, any spill containment platform will also meet EPA and OSHA specifications, so you won’t have to worry about that. And they last for a long time too, so your investment will be good for years to come.

Which one should you get? Ask your trusty dealer, who’ll be able to guide you. You can buy a spill containment platform in a range of sizes and shapes, from one-drum units to entire constellations of modular work platforms, and from basic trays all the way to covered containers and dispensing units. That’s good news, since you’re bound to find the perfect spill containment platform for your needs. But it can also make it difficult to choose, and that’s where your expert vendor can help.

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