Spill Containment System Tactics — How to Protect Your Facility

Are you concerned about spills? It’s your job to prevent spills in your facility and you don’t know where to start?

So what’s the best spill containment item to buy? Well, that CAN really be a challenge. Here’s why: Rarely will one spill containment unit cover all your bases. what you really need is a complete spill containment system.

Why not play spill detective? Check out past spills and potential spills and what it would take to contain them.

Then take a look at spill containment pallets to see which kind would work best.

After all, pallets are great for containing spills in a facility. Instead of making a mess, spills simply drain into pallets and are easy to clean up.

covered spill pallet

Of course, sometimes you need a whole work station. Or you need to store some of your drums outside. No problem. In the first place, get a modular unit. In the second, get a covered spill pallet or several. That way, you can not only protect your drums from inclement weather, but you can also lock them to protect them from prying eyes and malicious intruders.

Spill containment systems can also be very economical, for example if you focus on trays and basins. They’re kind of like saucers that you put underneath the potentially leaky container and voila! You’re protected.

stackable dispensing work stations

Or you could get dispensing units, complete with drum funnels and other accessories.

In short, you can assemble the perfect spill containment system to fit your every need. And you should. After all, safety is important, and protecting yourself from the after effects of messy leaks by containing them before they can go anywhere will pay for itself.

Not only do you save in clean-up costs, but also in potential injury claims (oil is awfully slippery) and in EPA fines.

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