Spill Control Kits — Picking the Right Kit for Your (Potential) Spill

Sooner or later, there’ll be a spill. And you need to be prepared.

Of course that’s easier said than done since you never know exactly what will spill (unless there’s only one type of chemical you’re dealing with) and whether the spill will be big or small.

Fortunately, there’s a spill control kit taylor-made for just about any possible kind and size of spill. And here’s a guide to help you pick the kit (or kits) you need.

And deciding which kit or kits to get is the biggest challenge. After all, you can’t just get them all — there are too many of them.

You can get kits in a wide range of sizes, and for different purposes. For example, you’ll find that there are drum spill kits, mobile kits, specialty kits, and so on.

While that may sound intimidating, it’s really not all that complicated. When it comes to type of kit, you’ll find that there are primarily three types to handle the three most common needs: Universal or General purpose, Oil Only, and Hazmat.

These are color coded for easy identification:

spill control kit

1) Gray absorbents are the universal type, and thus your all purpose spill kits. They clean up hydrocarbons as well as water and whatever liquids you may need to remove. You’ll find them just the ticket if you have a variety of chemicals and fluids to clean up.

2) White absorbents are the oil only type, which are for oil only. The types of hydrocarbons they clean up include diesel, fuel, and even vegetable oil.

3) Yellow absorbents are the hazmat type. These kits are designed to deal with chemicals that are too dangerous for the regular absorbents.

In addition, there are also specialty kits for certain highly dangerous substances, including battery acids and mercury.

Next, you need to assess how big of a spill you’re likely to have, so you can get enough absorbents to clean up any type of spill you’re likely to have.

You can get spill control kits in small bags or buckets, which are suitable for small spills.For more extensive spill, consider a drum kit or a mobile kit, preferably one that comes with a wheeled cart.

Of course, it’s also important to get it from a trustworthy source. Look for high quality and compare the quantity of absorbents you’ll get, and also the accessories that might be included. After all, the purpose of spill kits is to help keep your facility and employees safe, and skimping on quality will defeat that purpose, while high quality absorbents will pay for themselves in the long run.

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