Spill Equipment — How To Choose The Right Equipment

Choosing the right equipment for a potential spill is not easy. You don’t know for sure how big the spill might be and where it could occur. Nonetheless, being prepared for any and all eventualities is your responsibility. Here’s some help with figuring out which types of spill equipment to get.

If you don’t have to handle much oil, you may only need to prepare for small spills. Those won’t require much spill equipment. If you’re lucky, a few absorbent pads might do the trick. And in any case, a portable spill kit might be all that’s needed.

spill equipment


If you need to worry about a bigger spill, you should get a wider range of absorbents. Not just the pads and rolls, but also socks, pillows, and booms. You should also have plenty of the pourable kind on hand, just in case. Spill kits pre-loaded with everything you might need are also available in a range of sizes, so you might be able to get one or several that will fit your needs.

But what if you have to worry about a really big spill. A tractor trailer could roll over and spill its contents into a cornfield — or a lake — right by the interstate. You’ll need a lot of spill equipment to handle that — and it needs to be ready at the time of the incident. That means that you need to pack it on the truck so it’ll be handy when needed.

How do you know which kind of spill equipment is right for your situaiton? The best plan is to talk to a reputable dealer. Not only will they able to help you, but when you buy what they recommend, you can also be assured that the equipment you get will meet the requirements of the EPA, OSHA and so on.

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