Spill Mats — To Protect Your Facility from Spills and Prevent Slip and Fall Accidents

Spills are a fact of life in any industrial facility (and in other places as well).

Since they can be messy, they can cause your facility to look sloppy and unsightly. Floors that have splotches and blemishes just don’t look professional.

But what’s worse is that spills can also cause those same floors to become very slippery, and slippery floors are a set-up for accidents. If someone were to walk down the hall, carrying a bunch of heavy equipment, he or she could easily slip on a little oil spill. Ouch!

This could result in injury and possible liability claims. And whatever they were carrying would likely be damaged as well. And if it contained dangerous chemicals — that would be more bad news.

And what about noxious fumes and flammable liquids that could be result from the spill?

Well, those require some additional clean-up and potentially specialty absorbents.

For the moment, let’s look at how to prevent problems with slightly less volatile and dangerous chemicals and liquids. Because the solution — spill mats — is great for less dangerous liquids, but you don’t really want the truly dangerous stuff to stick around in those mats.

spill mats

So spill mats, which are also called absorbent industrial matting or as industrial floor mats, are a great tool for absorbing liquids of all sorts. They also stand up to high traffic use and protect the surface of your facility that way.

This means that if you place them along walkways and under machinery, they’ll catch drips and spills and keep your floor clean and neat. You can use them in quite a range of places actually.

One of the best and most absorbent options is the aptly named Abzorb Mat, which is a great mat to use around your facility. So if you’re looking to keep your facility clean, choosing these as your spill mats might be a great solution and keep your facility looking great for a long time.

P.S.: Don’t forget that you can also get other kinds of spill mats, including railroad mats, forklift mats, and even camouflage mats!

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