Spill Pads — The Handy Way to Clean Up Spills

Spill Pads – Perfect for Cleaning Up Spills

Spills can happen in many different places. So it’s hard to stock each of them with a spill kit, just in case. Yet what can you do to be prepared?

Fortunately, spill pads can be the perfect solution. They’re easy to have handy since they don’t take up much space, and they don’t cost a bundle either.

Spill Pads – The Economical Clean-up Solution

In fact, spill pads rank way at the top when it comes to low cost clean-up. And in spite of their low price tag, they’re a powerhouse when it comes to mopping-up power.

Their dimples help soak up more liquid more quickly. So when you use spill pads, it might take just seconds to get rid of errant liquid.

Now which ones should you get?

spill pads

Spill pads come in several varieties: They come in the big three varieties — universal, oil only, and hazmat, plus you can also get them in an antistatic version and in a poly-backed version.

So take a moment and think about which spill pads are the best option for your potential spills — and get the ones that are a match.

Oil only spill pads are good for spills of oil and any other hydrocarbon fluids. They will repell water, however, which is a good thing when you need to remove oil from water. It’s less of a good thing if you occasionally need to mop up water based liquids as well.

If that’s the case, you’re better off with universal spill pads. And if you frequently need to mop up hazardous materials, by all means, get the hazmat variety.

Spill Pads – The Ultimate Key

The key is to be prepared. And spill pads make that a piece of cake. Just get a box (or a roll) and dole them out to the various spots where you may get spills, and you’re all set.

Wondering where you can get them? That’s easy! Just find yourself a friendly and highly qualified dealer and they’ll help you figure out just which kinds of spill pads will be right for you.

But there’s more… they might also tell you about a nifty trick that will save you money! You can reuse spill pads – by simply wringing that liquid out and using them over and over. And wringing them is easy if you use a handwringer. So go ahead and get your spill pads – so you’re ready for the next spill.

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