Spill Response Products — Essentials for Cleaning up Spills

Are you in charge of cleaning up spills? Then you know you need a good supply of spill response products. Read on to find out just what’s involved.

There are actually two major categories of spill response products. Those that you can use to prevent the spill from spreading and doing more damage, and those that you use for actually cleaning up the spill itself.



And the products involved are quite different, as are the techniques used to accomplish their tasks.

1) Containing the spill

Unless your spill is very small, you will have to contain the spill before you can clean it up. Containing a spill means you prevent it from spreading and causing more damage or pollution.

In fact, there are two different types of spill response products that help you contain any spills. Those that are generally in place as a back-up in case the main container of the chemical fails. These include pallets as well as safety cabinets and other such container type products.

Once the spill happens, however, you need more. The spill response products of choice for this situation are spill berms, spill dikes, and booms.

2) Cleaning up the spill

Once you have contained the spill, it’s time to get rid of the mess. The spill response product of choice for that particular task can be summed up in one word: absorbents.

However, it’s not that easy. There are different types of absorbents to deal with different types of chemicals and substances, and of course there are different ones for various situations.

About the chemicals… you can get absorbents that are usable for just about anything, i.e., the universal absorbents, and then there are oil only absorbents that are especially appropriate when you need to clean up oil from a body of water. Finally, there are also special absorbents for hazmat chemicals.

You also need to know in what form or shape you want your absorbents. Do you want them in big sacks so you can sprinkle them onto the liquid and then sweep them up once they have done their job, or do you prefer them in socks, pads, pillows and other shapes. Plus, of course, there are numerous spill kits available for every conceivable situation.

Pads are especially versatile — they actually work much like paper towels, but of course they’re much more powerful and effective. And waste is minimal, so they’re particularly cost effective.

The key is to be prepared and have sufficient supplies of the contaiment as well as the absorbent variety of spill response products at hand for all eventualities.

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