Spill Socks: Clean Up Spills the Right Way

Are you a business owner who has to be prepared for spills of harmful substances? If so, then you need to make sure that cleaning up the spill can be done easily and efficiently. And this can be accomplished through the use of spill socks.

Spill socks are basically socks filled with absorbent materials. These absorbent socks are designed to absorb a variety of liquids and chemicals, including oil. Some liquids may be fairly harmless, while others are most definitely not.

Spill socks come in different varieties for different purposes. These include the following:

corn cob spill socks

1) Universal or general use spill socks that are filled with polypropylene or corn cob filler. Both will absorb different types of hydrocarbons and even spills that are as safe as water. However, even water can do extensive damage to merchandise and company property. The quicker it is cleaned up, the less damage there is.

spill socks for oil

2) Spill socks for oil based liquids that will absorb only oil and not water if oil is spilled in water.

spill socks

3) Hazmat spill socks are for those dangerous spills that can be extremely harmful to people and the environment. It is important that these spills are completely cleaned up and that they do not contaminate the environment.

Being able to clean up spills quickly means that you’ll be able to avoid getting fined by the EPA or OSHA. This also reduces the chance of injury and of property damage, which can save a lot of money in the way of injury claims and property replacement. For those with insurance that will cover such damage, hikes in insurance rates can be avoided as well.

The bottom line: Keeping some spill socks handy iis a good idea for lots of reasons.

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