Spill Trays — Perfect for Small Spills

Spill trays are a must for most labs. Sometimes the regular spill solutions can be overkill. Let’s say you just handle chemicals on a smaller scale. Perhaps you need to mix small quantities together, or you need to fill them into different containers. Maybe some piece of equipment is leaking a tiny bit of oil. Luckily, spill trays are made for just this sort of thing.  Trays are the spill containment solution for labs.

Spill trays are ideal when handling small amounts of chemicals.

The vast majority of spill containment products are designed for larger scale incidents. And of course, you always want to error on the more generous side when it comes to being prepared.

However, for situations where you’re handling small amounts of hazardous liquids, they might not be the best choice. What you need is a handy way to contain a possible smaller spill so you can clean it up easily.

And the perfect solution: spill trays. They can handle up to 5 gallons of liquids and may well be sufficient for any of those smaller spills you might have.
spill trays

Spill trays double as work surfaces.

One of the cool things about spill trays is the fact that they can double as work surfaces. Use them as counter tops, or place them on a desk or anyplace where you’re planning to handle your chemicals.

Obviously, a tray is not enough. It will keep any spilled fluids safely contained, but then what? You’ll need to clean them up, of course. And the easiest way do that is by using absorbents in the form of pads, or maybe a few sheets from perforated roll of absorbent sheets.

No, not paper towels, although it is actually the paper towel principle. But of course, you’ll need industrial strength absorbents which come in pads or rolls. They are much more powerful, won’t tear, and will absorb astonishing amounts of liquids almost instantly. Not only that, but they are perfect for absorbing oil and other hydrocarbon-based chemicals.

Spill trays can be used under dispensers as drip pans.

And yes, in case you wondered…, you can also use spill trays under dispensers as drip pans. And you can even put them under machinery where they can serve as a floor tray. Obviously, you’ll also need those same absorbent pads, rolls, or maybe pillows to clean up any spills that may occur.

When you’re shopping for spill trays, be sure to insist on the highest quality, with heavy duty high density material such as polyethylene. It should also be resistant to rust and chemicals. Polyethylene is an easy to clean material that will last for years.

Spill trays are probably one of the most economical way to contain spills. And many of them are actually stackable when not in use. That makes it easy to keep a supply of spill trays around to have them handy whenever you might want to use them.

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