Store Your Flammable Liquids in Fire Safety Cabinets

If you must store flammable liquids in your facility, then you need fire safety cabinets to ensure that your liquids are protected well.

It is a sad statistic that industrial fires are primarily caused by flammable liquids that are not stored properly. Improper storage can also lead to OSHA and EPA violations. Although the storage itself may not lead to these violations, it is what improper storage can cause, such as leaks.

Fortunately, when choosing fire safety cabinets for your facility, there are a variety of different ones to choose from. And it’s not too hard to pick the right one.

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Those types include:

1.) Flammable liquid storage – These cabinets will contain up to 90 gallons and may have manual or self-closing doors. There are different models available such as wall mount, stackable, floor type, and tower.

2.) Paint and ink cabinets – These fire safety cabinets hold between 30 and 90 gallons and may have manual or self-closing doors.

3.) Pesticide safety cabinets – Available in both steel and polyethylene, these cabinets, painted in a green color, can keep pesticides out of the environment.

4.) Drum safety cabinets – Coming in 55, 60, and 110 gallon models and painted in safety yellow,

5.) Acid and corrosive cabinets – The steel models have self-closing or manual doors and a corrosive resistant blue finish. The polyethylene model is available in blue or white.

By choosing the right fire safety cabinets for your facility, you are able to ensure a safe work environment. Proper containment of chemicals can go a long way by protecting you against the many potential hazards that can occur from improper storage.

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