Why Storm Drain Seal Covers? Easy Protection for the Environment

I’m sure you know that storm water run-off can be a serious threat to the environment. And if you’re responsible for areas like parking lots, car repair shops, or any type of industrial facility, where hydrocarbons, oils, or chemicals might have leaked and are sitting on the ground, you need to be prepared.

That’s because oily and chemical residues will be swept up in the run-off, which then drains into the ground water. Unless you put a stop to it!

And how can you do that? By covering the storm drains in the critical areas. And now, a new generation of storm drain seal covers make that task both super easy and economical.

storm drain seal covers

Check out the newest storm drain seal covers:

In particular, take a look at the new Drain Cover Seal & Spill Stopper and Blocker II: It’s reversible.

Yes, these high quality covers are tacky on both sides that makes them reversible – so you won’t even have to stop and check if you use them the right way. Just slap them onto the drains and they will do the rest of the work.

More advantages

They have other advantages as well. They’re much lighter in weight than traditional products, so you can keep them handy and use them at a moment’s notice in the event of chemical spill emergencies.

Plus they can be reused, which makes them very economical. Just wash them after use and put them back in the plastic film they originally came with, and you can roll them on the tube and put them right back into their original container. And with that, they will be ready for action when another spill should occur.

Highly Resistant to Many Chemicals

We all know how rubbers and plastics can disintegrate when they come into contact with certain chemicals. That makes storm drain seal covers made out of polyurethane, which is resistant to a broad range of chemicals, the ideal solution for protecting the environment from solvents, oils and chemicals.

You can get them in just about any size you like. Just make sure they’re about 6 inches larger than the drain you need to cover.

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