The Storm Water Filter – An Essential Tool for Protecting the Environment from Pollutants

When it rains, we run for shelter. While we should know better, we don’t always remember that storm water runoff can pose a grave threat to our groundwater supply as well as the environment.

Unfortunately, chemicals are easily swept up in the water and flushed down through storm drains — unless we do something to stop that from happening.

And it’s really easy to prevent the problems that can be caused by all those chemicals. All it takes is a storm water filter applied to storm drains.

storm water filter

Basically, you’ll simply plug those storm drain filter inserts into the drains. They are highly effective at keeping sediment out of the ground water. They also keep out any number of other pollutants that might otherwise enter the water system.

The pollution caused by storm runoff has become an ever more pressing concern at the local as well as the national level, and with good reason. Fortunately, the use of storm water filters will help prevent pollution problems by removing any waste materials from the rain water before it enters the water system.

Among the various options is a storm water filterinsert called the Drain Guard. It’s a simple device that has been specifically designed to fit most typical catch basins, where it is held securely in place by the metal grate. This way, it can remove all sorts of pollutants, from oil, grease, debris, litter, as well as coarse sediments from the water that flows through it.

Obviously, it would be tough to place filters in all drains. And that’s not really necessary as long as we focus on covering the major sources of storm water pollution.

And those are easy enough to find. One major culprit: parking lots. That’s because cars – and any trucks that might be there – often leak oil, coolant, grease, and other chemicals onto the ground, which could then be swept away into catch basins when it rains.

The problem is that those catch basins are designed to drain into rivers, lakes, streams, and the ground water, where the pollutants can cause great problems.

So if you’re in charge of a parking lot, or any similar areas where cars and trucks are stored or serviced, get some storm water filters before the next storm.

And if you have an industrial plant or other facility where oil and other chemicals end up on the ground, you too can prevent a great deal of environmental damage by protecting your drains with storm water filters.

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