Storm Water Management Products for Protecting the Environment

How do you protect the environment from storm water run-off? Depending on location, that water can contain all kinds of hazardous substances that can cause serious pollution.

Particularly in areas with a lot of oil or other chemicals on the ground, such as parking lots and garages, it’s really important to manage that run-off. Fortunately, there are a range of storm water products that can protect the water supply.

There are, for example drain covers, drain filter inserts, floor drain plugs, and spill berm dikes as well as catch basin oil skimmers to keep the oil out of our water supply.

Obviously, these are industrial strength covers, not the kinds you’d use for your bathtub or the kitchen sink. And they’re available in a large range of sizes up to 48 inches across, and made out of special materials, generally a tacky polyurethane material, that are less likely to disintegrate upon contact with chemicals than rubber and regular plastics.

storm water covers

They are also very light in weight and make for a very tough and durable seal. And you can use them more than once. Put them as protective covers over grates, drains and manholes in order to keep out hazardous materials.

Then again, the covers aren’t usually enough — after all, the water needs to go somewhere. What to do? Add filters, of course. And those filters too are made of some very special material that gives them a sturdiness that will stand up to a lot — and a wide range — of run-off.

Specifically, the drain filter inserts are made of an extremely absorbent as well as sturdy non-woven, polypropylene geotextile. Not only will they not tear under normal use, but they come in several types: There are oil and sediment models that will remove hydrocarbons and sediment.

Then there are trash and debris filters to catch larger items. They’re designed to keep oil and other contaminants from entering storm drains, and deliver on that promise. They’re used in places including industrial facilities, construction sites, parking lots, drive-up locations and retail locations.

There’s also a brand new product available: a drain cover seal and spill stopper and Blocker II. It’s reversible as well. Because of its two-sided tackiness, it can be used on products that say no filler and also in emergency chemical spills.

And one of the best things about some of the newest products, notably the Drain Cover Seal Protector II: After using, you can simply wash it, replace the plastic film, roll it on the tube and return the tube to the container. It’s is tough enough to stand up to repeated use — and not only that, but it’s chemically resistant too.

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