Stormwater Filtration to Protect the Environment

Whether you have a parking lot or a full-scale industrial facility, you need to make sure you protect the environment from stormwater run-off.

And it’s not that hard. Fortunately, there are stormwater filtration systems available that can help you protect the environment — and they’ll keep you on the good side of the EPA too.

As chemicals drip to the ground, they bake into the ground. And once it rains, they’re washed into the groundwater — unless you do take some action. So what do you need?

Start with a high quality filter and add a filter insert that is designed to capture the kind of material you’re most likely to deal with. This will prevent it from flowing into the ground water.

stormwater filtration

As you shop for the filters themselves, you need to make sure they will fit your drains. Just ask your vendor for advice. You want to make sure of course that they’re a reputable dealer.

If that seems like a lot of trouble, remember, it’s the law! The EPA requires it as well, and you don’t want to get on fined. Besides, it’s all part of best practices.

As to which filter to select? Consider what type of pollutants are the most likely to end up in your stormwater run-off and choose accordingly.

If there’s a lot of oil residue, you probably want an insert that can handle oil and sediment. They come in different capacities, depending on the amount of oil and debris it needs to filter.

And then, there’s also a version that’s especially made for keeping a range of other types of trash and debris out of the groundwater. But no matter their size, sooner or later, they get filled to capacity. And then you’ll just replace it with a new drain filter insert.

As you can see, it’s not that hard to put together the right kind of stormwater filtration system

So whether you have a parking lot, a vehicle service area, an industrial facility, or any other area where the rain might wash out pollutants and debris, the right kind of proper stormwater filtration products will help you protect the environment from harm.

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