Stormwater Products That Protect Your Business

You may not realize it, but stormwater products don’t just protect the environment but they can also protect your business and your employees. How so, you may wonder…

Sure, they will do a great job if you use them in outdoor parking lots and other places where there are drains. That’ll keep the stormwater run-off out of the ground water. And that’s important because if it’s your property, YOU’ll be held responsible.

In addition, you’ll find that the same products are also quite handy elsewhere in your facility. When you have stormwater products handy to contain potential spills anywhere, the spilled liquid will be contained safely instead of causing problems.

stormwater products


For instance, you do not want a slippery substance all over your floor, so you may opt to use spill containment berm dikes to channel spills to an area where you can easily clean them up. That way spills are channeled out of the way of foot traffic and the potential for accidents is reduced.

Furthermore, there are stormwater products that protect indoor drains as well as outdoor drains. Drains need protection for a number of reasons. First, you do not want unwanted substances going down a drain, leading to groundwater contamination. The environmental damage or risks that this might cause that can lead to hefty fines by regulatory organizations.

Drain protection products also include drain protector drain covers, which do exactly as they say they do – they protect drains. They create an air tight seal to prevent liquids and debris from making their way down the drain.

Drain filter inserts practically do the same thing, but they allow water to pass through while trapping oils and sediment. Floor drain plugs simply plug up the drain to keep anything from going down.

Another useful member of the stormwater products family is the catch basin oil skimmer that will absorb oil and not water when it is spilled. These are all great products that shouldn’t be restricted just to outdoors use but they can offer your business protection anywhere where dangerous liquids or other potential contaminants are handled.

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