Truck Spill Kits – Don’t Let a Spill Become a Nightmare

When you’re transporting oil, chemicals, or other hazardous materials, are you making sure that you’re doing so safely? Are you taking measures to protect the environment? Truck spill kits can really help you here.

Truck Spill Kits – Do You Really Need Them?

Those trucks may look big and invulnerable, but when they transport hazardous materials, they may be big, but definitely not invulnerable. As a matter of fact, their huge loads can be a setup for big environmental problems.

For starters, their size alone makes them hard to maneuver. Along with the fact that they’re top heavy, that means that they can easily get into a roll-over accident. All it takes is a curve that turns out tighter than expected.

But the danger of environmental contamination doesn’t occur just during major accidents. Sometimes all it takes is a leaky gasket. No matter what, you need to be ready to take care of things by having truck spill kits with you at all times. Calling for assistance when the leak or spill has already happened will cause you to lose valuable time. And that means a risk of major damage.

truck spill kits


So what do you need to do to be ready for all eventualities? Will truck spill kits really do the trick? They will definitely help. But do make sure you have the equipment to take care of small leaks as well as big spills.

How To Select Your Truck Spill Kits

Smaller spills can be handled quite easily with appropriate truck spill kits. Get one or more of those for the kind of substances you usually transport. So if you’re transporting oil or oil-based chemicals, be sure to get oil-only truck spill kits. If you’re transporting hazmats, you need hazmat truck spill kits. And if you transport a variety of liquids and chemicals, some water-based, and some oil based, you might want to add some universal truck spill kits to your supplies.

What about the size? That will depend on the usual size of the typical spills or leaks you’re dealing with – and on the amount of space you have available to stash your truck spill kits.

Fortunately, they come in a range of sizes, from buckets to large containers. Take some time to visit a reputable dealer (or check out some high quality websites) to see which truck spill kits might be right for you.

Truck Spill Kits May Not Be Enough

What about larger spills? For those, you need a two-step process and certain extra equipment in addition to your truck spill kits…

First, you must contain the spill in order to make sure it won’t spread any further and cause more damage to the environment.

You can easily contain almost any size spill with spill berms. If your route takes you near water on a regular basis, you may also want to keep a few spill booms handy.

Here’s what you do with your supplies:

So once you do have a spill, just arrange the spill berms around it. Then deploy your truck spill kits and clean things up.

The key is to have them ready to go BEFORE the spill happens. Just visit your favorite quality safety equipment vendor who will be glad to help you with the right kinds of truck spill kits for your situation so you can be prepared.

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