Wall Corner Guards – How to Protect Walls and Loading Docks From Damage

Are the walls in your facility chipped and scraped? Are chunks of drywall missing because a forklift has bumped into your walls?

You don’t have to put up with damaged walls. It might seem inevitable, what with drums scraping the walls and equipment causing more substantial damage. But you have the power to prevent that.

All you need? Some wall corner guards. Then, the drums and the heavy machinery can bump against the walls but there won’t be damage. It’s as if the walls had bumpers, like those bumper cars we know from amusement parks. Or the bumpers of cars, that prevent damage up to a speed of something like 7 miles per hour.

wall corner guards

Well, why not get bumpers for your walls?

Wall corner guards and wall protectors ARE bumpers of sorts. They absorb a lot of energy without being damaged. They can be installed either vertically or horizontally, and at any height you like. They are indispensable in loading dock and drum storage areas.

How come they’re so sturdy? They’re made out of extra tough high density polyethylene. They can also be used inside or outside, especially since they also have UV inhibitors. They won’t be affected by rust and stress either, and they won’t crack and chip. As a nice bonus, they’re bright yellow, which makes them very visible, and actually reduces the number of times errant machinery that will bump into them.

Wall protectors andwall corner guards are a real no-brainer of an investment — imagine the damage they prevent, and the costs of having to repair drywall, block walls, or even concrete. Your equipment will last longer too…

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